The following chart provides property data our range of rubber seals as published by our material suppliers.


  • No1 (Flash point 243C, Aniline point 124C) has a moderate swelling effect;
  • No3 (Flash point 163C, Aniline point 70C) has a severe swelling effect.
  • Both oils are fully described in ASTM D471.
  • * Du Pont registered trademark

Property Silicone Neoprene* (Polychloroprene)
Shortform Name Si CR
Hardness range 40-80o 30-90o
Colours Limited Range Full Range
Heat Resistance    
Max continuous 205C 95C
Max intermittent 300C 125C
Low Temperature -60C (special grades -80C) -40C
Oxidation Excellent Very good
Ozone/Weathering Outstanding Very Good
Oil Resistance    
ASTM Oil 1 @20C Excellent Excellent
ASTM Oil 1 @100C Good Good
ASTM Oil 3 @20C Good Good
ASTM Oil 3 @100C Fair Fair
Fuel Resistance    
ASTM Fuel B @40C Unsuitable Poor
Solvent Resistance (20C)    
Alcohol Good Good
Acetone Fair Fair
Benzene Unsatisfactory Unsatisfactory
Chemical Resistance    
Acids Fair Good
Bases Fair Fair
Physical Strength Poor Good
Compression Set Good Fair to Good
Tear & Abrasion Resistance Poor Good
Resilience Good Very Good
Gas Permeability Fairly Low Low
Electrical Strength Excellent Good
Flame Resistance Good Self-extinguishing
Water Resistance Good Good


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