Terminations suitable for EMC protection can be made using armoured cables with our armour clamping glands. Following tests, Peppers has been informed by ERA Technology Ltd that our glands do not significantly reduce the ability of an enclosure to which they are attached to withstand electromagnetic interference . We conclude that the effectiveness of a cable entry in EMC terms will generally be limited by the cable, including the cable armour or screen. Braid screens are not necessarily the most effective means of EMC protection. Tape armours can give the best results. Since a Peppers cable gland makes a 360 clamp on cable armour, it will not worsen the EMC protection of the cable entry.

The cable gland standard BS EN 50262 states that cable glands are EMC neutral. This is taken to mean that cable glands are neither affected by electro-magnetic radiation nor will cause any electro-magnetic interference in other equipment.


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