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Including type No’s:
A R *
AR Series Dual Certified Adaptors and Reducers provide a method of matching electrical thread forms on Ex equipment while maintaining Flameproof Exd and Increased Safety Exe methods of explosion protection and IP66, 68 for IEC type applications. Class I, Division 1 and NEMA 4X, 6P for NEC/CEC type applications.
SIRA00ATEX1094 (Metric Female)
SIRA99ATEX1115U (Non-Metric Female)
I M2 II 2DG E Ex de IandIIC
II 2DG E Ex de IIC (Aluminium)

CSA / A Ex

Class I, Zone 1, Ex de IandIIC
Class I, Division 1and2 ABCD
Class II EFG, Class III

POCC GB MΠ14.B00030

IECEx Ex d IIC / Ex e II / Ex d I
IECEx SIR 05.0042U
IP66 68, CSA Enclosure Type (NEMA) 4X 6P
IMPACT RESISTANCE 20Nm (7Nm Aluminium)
OPERATING TEMPERATURES Nitrile ‘O’ Ring -30ºC to +100ºC
Silicone ‘O’ Ring -50ºC to +180ºC
Brass CZ121 (ARB)
316 Stainless Steel (ARS)
Aluminium Alloy (ARA)
THREADS ISO Metric; ET; NPT; NPS; ISO Pipe Thread (BSP Taper, BSP Parallel); PG
SEALS The standard ‘O’ Ring material is Nitrile
Tapered male thread options are not normally supplied c/w ‘O’ ring seal, thread sealant should be used to
maintain the desired level of ingress protection
PLATING Zinc (ZP); Nickel (NP); Tin (TP); Electroless Nickel (EN)
AR - Adapter/Reducer type
B - Body material (Brass)
NP - Nickel plating
M20 - Male thread size
050NPT - Female thread size (1.2h NPT)
Metric Bore NPT Bore ISO Pipe Bore ET Bore PG Bore
M16 10.0 7 8.0
M20 14.0 1/2" 15.0 1/2" 15.0 3.4" 14.0 9 10.0
M25 18.0 3/4" 19.0 3/4" 19.0 18.0 11 13.5
M32 24.0 25.0 25.0 1*1/4" 24.0 13.5 14.0
M40 32.0 1*1/4" 32.0 1*1/4" 32.0 1*1/2" 32.0 16 16.0
M50 41.0 1*1/2" 38.0 1*1/2" 38.0 41.0 21 21.0
M63 53.0 49.0 49.0 2*1/2" 53.0 29 29.0
M75 64.0 2*1/2" 60.0 2*1/2" 60.0 64.0 36 38.0
M80 x 2.0 69.0 75.0 75.0 42 45.0
M85 x 2.0 73.0 3*1/2" 88.0 3*1/2" 88.0 48 50.0
M90 x 2.0 78.0 100.0 100.0
M100 x 2.0 88.0
All Dimensions are in Millimetres
  • Full installation instructions are supplied with adaptors and reducers, the instructions must be read prior to installation and adhered to in full
  • Unless otherwise stated ISO Metric entry threads have a 1.5mm pitch
  • For Flameproof Exd applications the female thread into which the adaptor or reducer is to be fitted must comply with clause 5.3 of EN 50018:2000 (clause 5.3 IEC 79-1)
  • For NEC/CEC Explosion Proof applications an engagement of at least 8 full threads must be achieved for parallel threads and 5 full threads must be achieved for tapered threads
  • Where AR adaptors and reducers are fitted into non-metallic Increased Safety Exe enclosures they must be included within the earth circuit of the system
  • 316 Stainless Steel versions do not feature a marking band. This reduces the overall length of reducers by 5mm, it does not affect the overall length of Adaptors/li>
  • Adaptors are used where the thread size of the cable gland or connection device is larger than, or of an equivalent size to the entry thread of the enclosure
  • Reducers are used to reduce the entry thread of an enclosure to accept a cable gland or connection device with a smaller thread
  • When ordering one needs to specify if IECEx or ATEX certification is required. ATEX versions are supplied as standard.


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